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Re[2]: 90 lowered "sport" suspension

     My Coupe was built in 89(90 model year) and it has 15 inch 6 spoke 
     speedline wheels with stock 195/65/15 tires and they look small in the 
     wheel wells.  There was never a 14 inch wheel for the 20v90Coupe as 
     far as I know in the US.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: re: 90 lowered "sport" suspension
Author:  gfl@cc.bellcore.com (grant f lenahan) at Internet
Date:    7/18/96 3:55 PM

I think that all Coupes and most 90q20Vs in 1991 had the 
lowered suspension.  How do you tell?  Look at your car.
It sits lower.  The lowered suspension, as I said, generally 
came with the 205/50/15 speedline wheels.  This is the stock 
size for that car (the other was 195/60-14 or 175/70-14).
195/65-15 began in 1992.  They wont even fit in my wheelwells. 
I tried, on a lark (wheels from my A6q are that size).
BOGE specs the "24mm lowered suspension" in its application 
guide.  It is a different shock, presumably a shorter piston, 
and hopefully different valving to match the slightly
stiffer springs (my rear springs are NOT very stiff).