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Re: Coupe q - Passenger Window Failure

     My drivers window did similar things right before it failed 
     completely.  Turns out the cable had frayed and was getting tangled on 
     itself in the regulator housing.  If you need a new cable, make sure 
     you specify that you only need the cable assembly(~$100) because the 
     dealer will try to sell you the regulator also.  I got the last cable 
     assembly for the drivers side in the US a few weeks ago.  If you need 
     the part number, let me know and I will look it up for you.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Coupe q  - Passenger Window Failure
Author:  ir000185@pop3.interramp.com at Internet
Date:    7/15/95 5:46 PM

Hi all...
More problems...
I noticed this evening that my passenger window was down about 1/4". I turned 
 car on and put the 
window down...
*CRACK* and the windows rattled in it's track.
I then tried to put the windows up. It went, but slowly... I tried to go down, 
ma ybe 2" and it was vary 
slow. When I put it back up, it took about 1.5 seconds before it actually 
 to travel upward. 
What did I do?
I'll tear the door apart this weekend, it this a common failure mode, or do I 
hav e a good one dealt by the 
'90 Coupe q (Minus Power Window)
Other lesser beasts (with working power windows)