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Re: 20 questions / answers

STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

> I really don't think that there will be many last min entrys form this
> list....  At Least not the folks I deal with...  The QCUSA needs to clean
> things up with the way that they run themselves before they will see much
> money from these folks.  I'd also check that Steve Early thing out.....
> He certainly was not an instructor when I taught for Skip Barber, Student
> yes, but not an instructor.


I have been resisting a public flame here for a long time, but I can't stand 
it anymore.

I think everyone has had enough of the crap that you are handing out.  Why 
don't you present the other side of the story.

The club has refused your help.  WHY????

This is what I hear from MULTIPLE sources at the last event you attended. 
	1.	Tried to take over at rhe last minute, then got pissy when 
		the event master said no.
	2. 	Did some very unprofessional hot dog stunts in the infield 
		in front of the students.
	3.	Passed the pace car on a parade lap under a yellow flag.	

You have also shown to me & the club that you cannot be trusted to follow 
through with promises.  I for one, am still waiting for irreplacable material 
that was sent to you with a solid promise of prompt return.  You also left me 
holding the bag at last year's WGI event after backing out as classroom 
instructor at the last minute.	Don't even have the gall to suggest that the 
club has refused your help.  I asked, I was excited & was even looking 
forward to your help.  Regardless of the excuses, YOU chose not to 

As for Steve Earley, maybe he wasn't an instructor at Skippy.  Just HOW many 
years ago was that.  Were you always an instructor?  I assume you too were a 
student at sometime, but maybe that is wrong.  Steve Earley is a school 
teacher by profession. Are you?  He happens to be a very good & capable 
instructor.  I know this for a fact.  I was there, I saw it first hand in 
real time.  Did you???  Recently???  You have said MANY times on this list 
that you can run & instruct a much better event than the QCLUB.  PROOVE 
IT!!!!!  If you cannot, or you refuse to, then you are nothing but wind.  

The QCLUB has problems.  It is a fact.  Everybody on this list knows that.  
Why keep beating on it?  If you won't help solve them, then I suggest you 
turn in your membership card.  I don't want you in my club.  If the club 
looses a few of your followers, then so be it.  I don't think anybody will 
miss you or them.

Sorry to others who I have offended, but I couldn't hold back any longer.