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Re: '864kQ heater stuck on

Sabutin wrote:
> --Thanks for all the help. My next problem as I shake down my new '86 kQ is
> that the heat comes up full blast out of my side vents +/or
> defroster/footwell vents no matter where the temp control is set. The AC
> works to some degree when it's turned on (colder from the center vent than
> the sides), but I'm sure it would be cooler if all that engine heat wasn't
> being routed toward the vents. Has someone misrouted the ducts that are
> supposed to send outside air into the system?
> Sabutin

Recently I discovered the same thing in my 85 4k. Turns out that the 
heater control valve under the hood that lets water into the heater core
was bad. The control in the dash would move the lever on the valve, but 
it was stuck open. Replaced the valve and all is well.

Todd Candey   85 4ktq
USRobotics    89 90q
Skokie, IL USA