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RE: 20 questions / answers

The same page also claims there was a 4000 "2-door sedan" (distinct from
the CGT or TQC).  Weird.

Might this be one of the 4000 5+5 - I have 2 of them (parting one) -
2dr, 5speed and the 5cyl engine. Sold for $13,500 new in 81.


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>>         4K engine specs were requested by someone
>>      I didn't read this carefully, but I think it was just a stock 86, 
>>      which would be the same as my 84.
>>      Off the top of my head (subject to error):
>>      110HP @ 5500
>>      Red Line is 6500 (Don't you have a tach?)  Yes! there's a limiter, and
>>      the car bounces hard off of it.  (Hit it thrice in 13 years.)
>>      I don't know the torque figure, but it's not very high either. 105 or 
>>      115 @ ?(4000 maybe?)
>I love my Bentley because it lets me post useful information despite not
>having the experience to post a step-by-step muffler bearing replacement
>The 4000Q's 2.22 l engine, code JT, had 115 bhp (88.8 kW) @ 5500 rpm
>and 126 ft-lb (170 Nm) @ 3000 rpm.  Fitted to the FWD 4000 or Coupe GT,
>it lost 5 bhp and 5 ft-lb, and had engine code KX.  Rumor has it that
>the difference is due only to a more restrictive exhaust.
>In 1984 only, there was apparently a WE-code engine with 2.20 l and 100
>bhp in the US, 110 bhp in Canada; this may just be the Ur-Q engine without
>a turbo, but I'm guessing.  Bentley also claims the 1.8 l was imported.
>The same page also claims there was a 4000 "2-door sedan" (distinct from
>the CGT or TQC).  Weird.
>While I'm at it, there are 34 ounces of R-12.