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Re: : Pwr window mtr 86 coupe GT

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Hmmmm I own a bunch of used regulators (mostly still in planters) and was
planning on picking two to install in my power-windowless 82 Coupe.  This
would yield a set of hand cranks...  Though I don't suppose you'd have
trouble finding junkyard ones.  What if the doors have a bunch of different
weld ups o attach to?  We could trade doors?

Question (while I'm in there) my doors make a horribly embarrassing clicking
noise while opening and shutting, once driver side, two on pass. side - what
causes this, how can I fix it?

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I have a broken regulator cable in the passenger door and
a bad motor on the driver's side.
I think I would like to change to hand cranks but the 
Takoma Old Town guys are reluctant to try this.

Has anyone replaced motors with cranks, and, if so, which ones work?  And
the new worm gear window regulator. Has anyone replaced one old one with a
new one? 

 I have my eye on a cabriolet set, if they could be adapted.

Thanks, Kevin 

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