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89 200tq hard starting from cold

Well here is the bad news, I have tried all the following things, or my mech.

has anyway, and guess what? the thing still starts hard and coughs and chokes

like its flooded after it does start, it takes about 10 seconds to start up.

We have tried:   Replaced warm-up regulator, and removed after it did not work.

Replaced Idle stabilizer unit and its control,  and removed after no change.

Checked temperature sensors for cold start and made sure they were to specs.

took out cold start valve to make sure it was not leaking.

Checked vacuum hoses, made sure no leaks.

Checked wires on throttle switch for bad connections.

Made sure fuel pressure was to specs.

Adjust fuel sensor plate adjustment.

HAVE NOT taken injectors out and tried new set,  I have used techron every 1K

HAVE NOT tried new computer.

I would appreciate any input,  we are at the end of our rope.

Jim Hudson