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ur-q Hot Start Problems

     I had a hot start problem on my '83 TQC turned out a previous owner had hit 
     something on the highway which totaled the fuel pump and pressure 
     accumulator. He replaced the fuel pump but not the pressure accumulator, I 
     replaced it with one from a coupe and had no more problems. I believe the 
     pressure accumulator retains fuel pump pressure between starts using a 
     diaphragm, this may have failed? Even with no accumulator I only ever had 
     hot start problems.
     The above scenario is a bit of a long shot, so maybe:-
     Fuel Injector cooling fan operation (I am dubious how useful this thing is)
     Leaky fuel injectors.
     Fuel Pressure Regulator.
     I am assuming the starter motor is turning over and the solenoid engaging?
     Regards, Mike