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Re: "Radio Noise"-NOT

If this is the V8 I responded to earlier, I still say it is related to air 
intake, which is right on the other side of the firewall from the rado area.  
Sounds like something in the box, damaged filter, loose cover, leaves on top 
of the filter.  Easy to check it out!

On Fri, 19 Jul 1996, "McIntyre, Richard" <mcintyre@wsbs-mses.eng.pko.dec.com> 
>I think those of us who have this problem must not have not clearly
>the conditions under which the noise occurs.  In my case (and HKravec
>I have exchanged email on the subject) the noise is not really speed
>It NEVER occurs while coasting or under significant acceleration.  It
>occurs when the accelerator is very slightly "open" -- at the point that
>speed is just maintained.  To me this means it's related to either 1)
>vacuum, or 2) torque somewhere in the drive train.  There are certain
>speeds at which the noise is more noticeable.  
>My car has no speakers in the dash, yet the sound source seems to be
>located in or in front of the dash.
>I guess maybe you have to experience it to understand why we
>think it has nothing to do with the radio or speakers.  It 
>is certainly perplexing.
>>From: "Al Powell" <APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu>
>>Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 12:15:26 CDT
>>Subject: Radio Noise
>>> From: HKravec@aol.com
>>> Yes it does have the Bose system.  I'll try pulling the radio out this
>>> weekend when I travel from Alabama to South CArolina and see what happens.
>>>  The sound is very throttle sensitive, could this still be electronic???
>>Your sound is *almost  certainly* occurring in the radio speaker 
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