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Re: 5000 turbo hesitation

At 09:21 AM 7/19/96 -0500, you wrote:
>My 86 5000 turbo automatic has just begun to hesitate on full 
>throttle at 1.3 bar. There is no injector blower motor or aux h2o 
>pump, could these be the problems or could the fuel filter be clogged?
> Is the 2084 tool really needed to lock the crankshaft? Can't I use 
>something else? Thanks for the info.
>1987 4000CS Quattro
>1986 5000CS Turbo
  Check your intercooler to throttlebody hose. I bet you find a small split
in the bottom side. I don't know for sure about the turbos, but my '86
5kcstqs have the blower motor and the aux pump. Doubt these are the problem.  

               Michael Loeks
               '86 5kcstq - Red w/ Fuchs/D60A2 1.8 bar boost
               '86 5kcstq - Grey w/ stock wheels/Comp T/A HR4 1.8 bar boost
               '84 Ford F350 dually flatbed(NOW we're talking utility)
               Warren, Oregon