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Re: quattro-digest V3 #748

Just thought I would express my opinion on the new A3 pictures I saw....Very
sharp car for a econobox type of size/layout.  Why couldn't the Golf look as
sharp as this?  But, I don't think this car should come to the US, it would
just hurt Audi's image as a luxury Automaker. In Germany they can get away
with this because they are less brand concious, but not here.

I also read about the upcoming S6 replacement...2.8 liter, 5 valve, twin
turbo..WOW!!!  the next incarnation of A6 line is set for 1998 release..I
guess that means we will have to wait until 1999 to get it in the US,,,darn.

By the way, where is the A4 Coupe Quattro....I am waiting and heard nothing
of it's plans, Audi currently has no Coupe for sale..WE WANT OUR COUPES!!!

Christian Long
1990 90
1990 CQ