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Installing CD changer in A4

The CD changer will be installed on the top left corner of the trunk. 
I'll explain the process in two parts:

Part 1:  Making the wiring harness connector for the CD accessible.
a.  Remove the carpeted lining behind the left rear tailight (within the 
trunk).  This is held in place by 3 plugs which will pop off.  
b. The lining is a 1-piece moulded unit that extends around the shock 
tower.  Pull the lining away until you see a bunch of cables held with  
a tie down near the shock tower (along the side wall).
c.  Pull the cables out to expose 2 unused connectors.  The round one is 
for the CD.  Free about 12-15 inches of this cable.
d.  Replace the lining making after routing the cable/connector to stick 
out into the trunk.

Part2:  Installing the CD.
1.  Along with the bracket you would have recieved 3 plugs that have a 
hexagonal shape.  Look for matching hexagonal holes on the rear deck.  
Insert the plug.
2.  Trial fit the bracket to match the plugs.
3.  Remove 3 protective screws from the top (or bottom? - I forget) of 
the CD.  Use 4 screws to attach the CD changer to the bracket.
4.  Attach CD+bracket to the rear deck with the 3 provided screws.
5.  Plug in connector on cd to connector on harness.  
6.  Enjoy.

Tools required: 1 flat bladed screwdriver for reming plugs on lining, 
and a Phillips head screw driver.
Time: 15-20 minutes.