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Re: 20 questions / answers

> Why's a 2 door weird?  My sister had one of these;  1980 4000 2d sedan
> (1.6L).  In '81, this car was available with the I4 and as the "5+5" with
> the 2.1L I5 engine.  2d sedans were available thru the '84 model year, after
> which the coupe was the only 2d car Audi offered in the US (besides the '85
> ur-q)

What's weird about it is the marketing strategy.  In the early '80s
Audi had two cars, both on the same platform, both FWD, both two-door?
What distingushed them?  For a while I have been thinking of the Coupe GT
as just the 2-door version of the 4000, which was the role it played in

It seems especially strange when contrasted with the current model line,
which includes no coupes and no small cars.