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Official NEQCUSA Lime Rock news -Sun. update


In addition to the track rental for the two-day event, the NEQCUSA has
rented from the Lime Rock organization, the entire outfield area for Sunday,
all day.  We will be using the side entrance near the offices and welcome ANYONE
on Sunday the 18th to participate in our NEQCUSA social gathering, filled with
Audi goodies.  Remember to wash & shine your Audi, even non-quattros...!

No fees, no restrictions.  Hope to see you all there on Sunday.

Thompson Smith - New England Region Quattro Club
1983 Urq #568, Mars Red, Fuchs, mod WG, '87 dash, "Club RS look" -"Hans"
1990 90 quattro 20v (*new to us*), Zyclam Red Mica - "Pinot"