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Re: 2dr. 4000 sedan.

We are starting a project in the fall with one of these 2 dr sedan
models we are going to do a cabriolet conversion and give it a complete 
face lift all the way around should be an interesting project 
I dont know why Audi did'nt compete with BMW in those days when it came
to the release of the 325i Convertible I think Audi would of done ok
with a toppless 4000. 


Nick Van Houte

ir000185@pop3.interramp.com wrote:
> I've seen some talk of these beasts lately, this is just my $.01...
> Recently I have seen a pre-85 4000 2 door sedan on my way in to work. It appears to be in fairly good
> shape. I was just wondering how rare are these?
> Thanks,
> Todd
> '90 Coupe q
> Other lesser beasts...