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Audi roof racks

When I went shopping for a ski/bike rack for my 200, Thule was the only brand
that listed a specific app for the factory rails.  The Yakima rack required some
sort of bending the brack if I remember correctly.

Roof racks are very popular in Europe (small cars, small trunks) and there are
more brands to choose from.  One manufacturer, Northstar or Northslope or
Northsomething makes a rack that will fit Thule equipment but is the best fit I
have seen for the 200 Wagon style, narrow tube roof rails.  Very aerodynamic, no
big towers, etc.  They were even better than the Votex for the 200.  Same
capacity as the Thule racks.

There display was in English, so I don't know if they are UK or US based -- I
didn't check for peculiarities of language.

Joe Yakubik