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Withu Ruksvanichpongs wrote:
>         Ok,Ok Audi produces the best engines in the world, and enjoy
>  your old uncle Audi,and I will enjoy my Maxima and my S4.
>         Internet is for sharing ideas internationally,so open your eyes
>  even you're in the Quattro only list.
>         Didn't you read the first e-mail from quattro list ? it state that
>  anybody regardless of car the have are welcome.
>         Of course ,you'll see a lot of topics about ovlov baas and other
>  cars in this list,not only from me.

You're right, and I appologize if you took it the wrong way. I was only
trying to get a debate going. I wasn't trying to tell you to get lost,
although after re-reading my post. I guess my wording could have been
Looking forward to more discussion on the subject. :-)


 1991 200Q
 1995 LHS
 1985 4KSQ