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No Subject

To the List Server Manager:

     I'd like to see the Quattro List implement the use of message filters 
(if our list-server software [majordomo?] can provide such a service).  Some 
of the other list servers I subscribe to have "filters" built into the 
SUBJECT line, which goes a long way to reduce unwanted postings.

     For example, suppose we classify all of our quattro list e-mail 
postings into the following five categories:


     The next step is to have each subscriber (if they wish) send the 
list-server software a command like:


     This, for example, would limit MY incoming e-mail from the Quattro list 
server to topics under the categories called NEWS, SPORT, and RACING.  The 
way it works is that every subscriber has to "classify" his/her postings by 
placing the appropriate keyword in the Subject line of their message:

[ Subject:  SPORT:  All season tires...the best for the A4Q?  ]

     This way, only those subscribers who have sent in a SET command with 
the keyword SPORT (or for those who have sent in no SET command at 
all...which means they get all postings) will get the sample e-mail.  Sound 

     I am currently receiving over 40+ Quattro postings a day, which means I 
personally have to dial-up and download these postings (and others) at least 
2-3 times a day...  This may be one way to help limit the stuff to just what 
I (and others) want to look at.  As far as the keyword topics that the 
Quattro list should use, maybe the subscribers out there could provide their 
comments as to what they think about this idea, and get their input.

     Just an idea!

Bradford W. Denham  '91 Tracer LTS Rally
Manager   - SAP Practice Office/VM: (408) 947-5695
Ernst & Young LLP        EYComm:  4423364
South/West MC       E-Mail:  denham_brad@eywest.com
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