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update on my engine

Well, I spent the day yesterday at my mechanic's
house, pulling the old engine and installing the new
one.  Only problems were:

- engine had 2 broken a/c compressor mounts (right behind the
tb cover).  Should be no big deal
- PAP sent wrong pressure plate, had to buy locally
- TPS and a couple of sensors appear to be different, so
my mechanic will have to play with the wiring a bit.

Surprisingly, there were quite a few differences between motors.
Mount brakets were different, a few different sensors not on mine.
The engine code of the new one is a JT.  I can't read the old
one either due to age or someone filed it off.  I think we both
suspect that this was not the original engine in my car.
Oh well!

Hopefully it will together tomorrow, he will drive it for the
rest of the week, and when I return from Florida next Sat
it should be ready.  Then, all I have to do is take pictures 
and write a bunch of thank you cards!  :)

| Dan |
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