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Re: New 1991 200Q...

07-21-96  05:40


 LK> interested in, just comfort and Quattro :-). Are other Q-listers happy
 LK> with thier V8's? Since the Chrysler spends a day in the shop every 2

     If I were any happier with my V8Q, I'd have
     to have my smile surgically removed. Having driven all
     the other see-dans in it's class, it's the absolute
     pinnacle, IMHO. Of course there are those who say that the
     A8Q makes the V8Q look like  a horse and buggy. I'll have to
     do all I can to stay OUT of the A8's, while in Italy last
     year I drove one of the relations S6 Wagon with the V8 4.2
     and the only thing keeping me from mortgaging the house
     again is not being able to get one over here.


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