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Re: Filters, Mail, Long

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

I have been trying to filter my incoming mail to reduce the volume I have to
sort through, without losing any threads of interest.  My E Mail has an
inbox filter but it doesn't seem to work. (could be a bad relay? or a
disconnected/disintegrated vacuum hose more likely)  SInce I have an old
style Audi (I Love my Audi) I tried filtering out subjects containing things
like "*A4*" or "*wagon*" (Not italics, those are ascii wildcards).  No dice.
 I like Brad's idea very much, but topic setting could be difficult.  I
think there should be a category for  REPAIR, or UPKEEP or some such -
straight mechanical questions, advice and reports.  I dunno.  From what I've
seen, while this group is fairly well self regulated, there is certainly
some spillage.  Oh yeah, there should be a category for FLAMES, including
any negative personal b.s. (should be emailed direct anyway) and for

Now if I could get my inbox rules to work, I could receive all the mail, but
direct it all to seperate folders!  

other sub-categories? TURBO, QUATTRO, NEWBIE :-) . . . 

My personal suggestions:

HELP (all repairs, upkeep, gremlins, etc)
NEWS (new poducts etc., = AUDI)
SPORT (pro or am, watching or doing = RACING)

and the negative stuff could go into the trash before it leaves the sender?

IMHO the HELP category is where this thing really starts.  

[I luckiliy have a neighbor who runs a place called John's Small Carworks. 
The guy cut his teeth on bugs, and worked his way into water cooled products
in the 70's and 80's.  When my coupe does something really frustrating, he
goes into a trance (I'm not kidding) scratches his head, and says, "what
were Jettas doing when my daughter was three?" and then he fixes it or tells
me how.]

The PERSONAL category, while not quite Audi related, seems to be where it
goes next - I've seen so many names so many times some personalities are
starting to come through, and after all we all have something very intense
in our lives in common.  Something that despite some frustrations, we all
derive great pleasure from.  

82 C

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Date: Sunday, 21-Jul-96 08:58 AM

From: Denham Brad              \ Internet:    (denhabr@eywest.com)
To:   q g                      \ Internet:    (quattro@coimbra.ans.net)


To the List Server Manager:

     I'd like to see the Quattro List implement the use of message filters  
(if our list-server software [majordomo?] can provide such a service).  Some
 of the other list servers I subscribe to have "filters" built into the 
SUBJECT line, which goes a long way to reduce unwanted postings.

     For example, suppose we classify all of our quattro list e-mail 
postings into the following five categories:


     The next step is to have each subscriber (if they wish) send the  list-
server software a command like:


     This, for example, would limit MY incoming e-mail from the Quattro list
 server to topics under the categories called NEWS, SPORT, and RACING.  The 
way it works is that every subscriber has to "classify" his/her postings by 
placing the appropriate keyword in the Subject line of their message:

[ Subject:  SPORT:  All season tires...the best for the A4Q?  ]

     This way, only those subscribers who have sent in a SET command with 
the keyword SPORT (or for those who have sent in no SET command at  all...
which means they get all postings) will get the sample e-mail.  Sound 

     I am currently receiving over 40+ Quattro postings a day, which means I
 personally have to dial-up and download these postings (and others) at
least  2-3 times a day...  This may be one way to help limit the stuff to
just what  I (and others) want to look at.  As far as the keyword topics
that the  Quattro list should use, maybe the subscribers out there could
provide their  comments as to what they think about this idea, and get their

     Just an idea!

Bradford W. Denham  '91 Tracer LTS Rally
Manager   - SAP Practice Office/VM: (408) 947-5695
Ernst & Young LLP        EYComm:  4423364
South/West MC       E-Mail:  denham_brad@eywest.com
San Jose, CA                             E&Y Home Page: 

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