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re: roof racks and overhangs

 Last year finally bought a rack 'cause I was afraid of messing up 
leather interior . I bought a Thule rack and it fits really good . I 
would recommend that you trim any excess bar that is overhanging the 
side of the car. It hurts the head . On my 88 90 q the bars stuck out 
about 7" on each side of the car . Dangerous . Also make a note or 
something to remind yourself that there is a bike on top of the car.
  I found out the hard way the first day I used my rack. Broken 
windshield and roof of car lightly scracthed [the bike and rack were 
  Mike Mueller
  88 90 q sedan
  79 928-parting out
  GT RTS-1 fully suspended with Magura hydralic brakes