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91 200 Q Warning light & Wheels

Q heads,

My 91 200 has the Alladin's lamp oil warniing coming on intermittently,
and yesterday the buzzer went off and the light did not come on, but the
radio station display (cneter of the speed/tach, not on the radio) got
locked on the station it was on, even when I changed the radio station.
I shuit the car off and everything OK.  BTW the guage shows plenty of
oil pressure.  Any ideas?

Also, does anyone know if anyone makes a 16" wheel for the internal
caliper rotors, or do I have to change.


David Toppin
91 200Q 64K No mods yet
87 5kcstq IA Stage 1, x drilled Brembos, HR&Konis, Euro lights.
Cape Cod, MA

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