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Wheels for sale...

Now that I have experienced the joys of AWD, I don't see myself ever owning
another FWD Audi (my racecar excepted, of course!).  As such, I don't think
I have any more reason to hold onto the following wheels:

(4) Dotz 5-spoke, 7x15 w/4x108mm bolt pattern & 38mm offset.  They're silver
and come complete with center caps.  One wheel has a minor ding in it but it
doesn't affect balance or true, just cosmetics.  $200/set.

(4) Ronal R-8, 7x15 w/4x100mm bolt pattern & 25mm offset.  They've had tires
mounted but have never been put on the car ... they are, for all intents and
purposes, brand new.  They come complete with lug bolts, the small Ronal cap
and some Audi center caps I had painted silver to match.  These are rare and
priced accordingly at $500/set.

(4) Ronal R-8, 6x14 w/4x100mm bolt pattern & 45mm offset.  These are the OEM
wheels that came on my '85 4k but for reasons I've never been able to figure
out, they're about 4 lbs. lighter than any others I've seen.  They're not in
the best of shape cosmetically -- a couple of scrapes & dings -- but they're
true.  $200/set.

(8) OEM "snowflake" style from early '80s 4ks. 5.5x13 w/4x100mm bolt pattern
& 45mm offset.  Four have been painted white, the others are OEM silver.  In
good condition but could use refinishing.  $175 for all.

(6) OEM VW GTi wheels, 6x14 w/4x100mm bolt pattern & custom machined to 38.4
mm offset to make them legal for stock class Solo II competiton.  They're in
good condition and have been painted Alpine white.  $175 for all.

In addition, I'm willing to sell the following 5-lug wheels as well:

(4) OEM BBS wheels from my 200q.  6x15 w/5x112mm bolt pattern & 45mm offset,
in good condition.  Pearl white but could use refinishing.  $250/set.

(2) Compomotive MO 5-spoke wheels, 8x17 w/5x112mm bolt pattern & 33mm offset
Unpainted in white primer so they can be painted without having to strip off
the OEM powdercoating.  Buy another pair with 33mm offset to match (but have
to roll the rear fender lips on a 5ktq/200q) or with 45mm offset to fit with
no bodywork whatsoever.  Brand new in the box, $450/pair.

I'm willing to entertain offers on all of the above if they don't sell right
away since I'm running out room to store them and the racecar is coming home
shortly.  :^) 

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