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Clutch Help! - 5KCSTQ


My daily driver just turned 190K miles young.  Didn't buy her anything
so she forced my hand.  I need to get this fixed quick, so...

     o No clutch slippage.
     o Shifting a tiny bit notchy.
     o High frequency whirring noise when a press down on the clutch
     o Clutch engages normally and car runs as before.

My guess is that it is the throwout bearing.  Any thoughts?

Related to this does, can anybody recommend a good shop in the Washington
D.C. area?  About how much should I expect to pay for clutch replacement?
Any thing else I should have done while they are in there?  Should
I alow the shop to order the parts or should I check around with some
on the vendor list?  I plan on at the least to have the throwout bearing
replaced and the clutch.  Any need for the pressure plate to be replaced?


Mark P
'86 5KCSTQ