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Re: Timing belt

AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

-snip- so much deleted it probably won't make sense anymore-

>Touche ... but don't pawn shops exist everywhere?

Maybe so. But I think they're stocked depending upon local interests. 
Automobile maintenance, modification, etc. seems to be a much bigger 
thing in the U.S. than anywhere else. Just look at the number of chains 
(in the U.S.) geared especially towards those customers (Pep Boys, Parts 
USA, etc.). Here, in Canada, we don't have anything like that. We have 
Canadian Tire, which is more of a bonafide hardware store (they sell 
anything from dish detergent to shotguns) that's scrambling since Home 
Depot invaded two years ago. UAP/NAPA is still geared towards the service 
pro (garages and that). Then there's the auto wreckers...

Also, keep in mind that outside of North America automobile ownership is 
not as affordable or necessarily as desirable. 

>I see your point but since the going rate for a timing belt R&R around here
>is $300 plus parts (I assume it's about the same elsewhere), you will still

So many small garages and who really wants to check 'em out anyway... 
That's a pretty steep labor charge!
>come out ahead even after buying the tools.  Not to mention the possibility
>that your car may actually run better as well...

My 4k runs much better with the new belt. Very smooth now; loves to rev.

>Back in '89, when I was racing my 4k in a stock class where it wasn't legal
>to install an adjustable cam gear, I went through a box full of them that I
>borrowed from a local salvage yard in order to find one that best suited my
>needs.  I was amazed by how many of the dots were NOT located at TDC when I 
>measured them on my engine ... from what I've seen since, this is still the
>case today.  Yes, I personally am very picky about this sort of thing but I
>assume this is also true of most Q-heads, especially those who do their own

Perhaps they put those dots on after the engine has been assembled... or 
so it would seem. As for the picky thing...I can relate to that. I 
usually work on the 4k in spurts of two days in a row or something like 
that, because I MUST take care of other things as well! I just don't want 
to become obsessed. Just can't understand those people who just jump in 
their cars and drive off, not noticing new rattles, whines, wobbles, etc. 
What are they doing? Dreaming when they drive???????

>I didn't intend for this to turn into a bladder-emptying contest (although,
>that said, I'm pretty sure mine IS larger than yours!)  ;^)

Well... Then so be it!


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