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Love my V8 counterpoint

     As a bit of counterpoint to those who love their V8, I would say that 
     I only like mine a lot.  It's nicer in every way than my 84 4kq, 
     except that it's not as much fun to drive.  It's bigger, quieter, more 
     comfortable, and *much* faster, but the steering wheel is too big (and 
     has uncomfortable stitching) and you can't get the rear end to swing 
     out and make it to go sideways no matter how you try.  (I usually try 
     in parking lots.)  It understeers more, but it has ABS and it's 
     stable, feels safe and rock solid, and cruising at anything below 
     80mph feels like a crawl.  But $250 for brake pads?!?!?  It's 
     expensive to repair and guzzles hi-test gasoline more rapidly than my 
     Corvette.  Why can't the auto-trans be as snappy as GM's?  Leather 
     seats are too hot in the summer.  The tushie warmers [heated seats] 
     (both front *and* rear!) are the cat's meow in the winter.
     BTW, I put it on a scale and it only weighs between 3695 and 3700 lbs 
     (with spare tire & floor mats removed). It only *feels* like it weighs 
     4000 lbs.
     As I said, I only like it a lot.
     Jack Rich
     84 4000 quattro
     88 Corvette convertible
     90 V8 Q