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Re: A4 Estate import ?

On Jul 22, 12:40pm, Psycho Bob wrote:
>[someone else wrote:]
> > 	Friend of mine, a potential Audi convert, test drove an
> > 	A4Q and loved it -- but wants a wagon.  He wants to know
> > 	if it's at all possible to import one from Germany

Your friend is exactly where I was in January. No, not New Jersey.

I ended up becoming an Audi convert, by way of the standard A4Q.
Got too many pieces of input saying that importing and DOT-ifying
an A4 Avant would be impossible, or at least economically very

> There are several companies -- especially MB -- that has
> a program that allows U.S. customer to pick up the car on
> Europe.

Yeah, but Audi stopped their European delivery program.

Audi of America has made some noise about bringing the A4 wagon
to the US.  They claim it's going to happen, but won't
say when.  My guess is we'll see them in the '98 model
year.  Since I had caught Audi fever after the testdrive and
didn't want to wait, I bought the A4Q sedan, even though
a small wagon was really what I needed (and the whole reason,
purportedly, for shopping for a new car).

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q