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Quattros for Sale/O2 Sensor

Fellow Audians: the following Quattros are for sale in the Spokane, WA area.

'91 V-8 Quattro, 64K mi, 5-spd, internal calipers, pearl ext. BBS whls, $22,900.

'89 100 Quattro, 101-105K mi.(TMU); 5-spd, pearl or white, BBS whls. $9950.

I've not seen either car, but will get more info or check them out if anyone is 

A few weeks ago, with regard to my '91 200 TQW, I asked for more information as 
to exactly what the O2 sensor does, what it should cost to replace it, and 
whether a "shade-tree" mechanic could to it or if it requires a "real" Audi 
mechanic. No answers as yet -- I sure could use some help. TIA. Greg