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Re: TQC and Coupe Rear Light Removal

Hi Mike,

>     How do I remove the rear light clusters from a 1983 ur-q, pretty sure 
it is
>     exactly the same as the coupe. I've removed the reflectors, they are 
>     held on by a couple of nuts and removed the light cluster plastic 
>     (exposing the circuit board and access to the bulbs) and the four, or 
>     it six, nuts around the periphery of the light unit. At this point I 
>     expecting the light to lift out as per the reflectors?

The lights are held into the body but the bolts/nuts and butyl tape. Once
the nuts are removed from the light housing inside the trunk, pull/pry the
light away from the body. Mine took a bit of persuasion, but eventually came
out. The butyl tape is the gooey black rubber stuff which is sometimes used
around windshields and such. For re-install, buy 5 feet or so from a
body/paint supply shop. I also used this stuff to seal the white colored
air ventillation housing located next to the wiper motor. If this isn't the 
you are looking for, let me know and I will try again.

Sorry to hear about the contact with the 85. Hope it will recover.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
Boulder, CO