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MPG computer fixed, but how does it work???

Albert Ng said:
>I would like to thank you for the MPG sensor cleaning info you gave me
>If any lister has some extra low MPG readings from the trip computer, try
>that method, it may works for you as well.

I've had the opposite problem on a few occasions.  If I do not reset the
hours, avg mpg, and avg mph readings, I sometimes see very exaggerated
indications for the mpg and miles remaining.  If I play with throttle and
coasting, I have gotten the miles remaining up to 600 (with 100 miles on
the tank already) and the avg mpg reading up to 40.  I calculate really
between 25 and 30 mpg at that point.  How does this thing work anyhow?

Just one more gotcha!  (Good car, nice car, $#%#@ car...)
I replaced the fuel pump with a new oem pump (bosch) from Northside
Imports last month.  It looks like it died yesterday.  At least no fuel
from the filter connection while cranking.  That's as the old one was
and it confirmed as NFG upon removal.  It's a sad sad sight to see a 5k
being hauled home on a short rope by a Rabbit twice in a month.  At
least the neighbor had the civility to hold his tongue, (no "fine German
engineering" remarks) this time!

Since the fuel pump is an "electrical" part, what's the list's opinion
on getting a return and replacement.  (Generally my local parts places
balk on returning electrical parts.)  I will wait to call Dennis in
Chicago until I remove and test, so speak your mind...

'86 5ks by the Hudson