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Re: Lime Rock Park

 At 06:58 PM 7/21/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello Q listers
>I just spoke with Steve Earley of the NE Region of the QCUSA.  He welcomes 
>ALL audi enthusiasts, be they club members or not, to Lime Rock Park on 
>Sunday August 18th.  
>The main focus will be tech & registration for the students & instructors, 
>but there are other activities scheduled.  One item of interest will be a 
>track walk.  The snack bar will also be open.  Bring your SO's & children if 
>you wish.  Anyone interested in how an event is run, or those who just want 
>to hang with other Audi people, please come.
May I ask were lime rock is located? What state?