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Repairs in Maryland?

I recently moved from the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts (actually,
Worcester county) to Abingdon, Maryland. I am in search of a good, reputable
place to bring my car for service etc.

Any suggestions? I am used to driving a lot, and don't mind if the place is
up to an hour away.

There is a dealer around here by the name of Valley Motors, in Cockeysville.
Anybody have any experience with them?

Also, on my way to Lancaster, PA (or perhaps it is in Lancaster?), I have
seen a place called Autohaus, which sells and services VW, (Porsche?) and
Audi. Any thoughts on this place?

I believe there is also an Autohaus in Harrisburg. Are these two "related"?
I think the Harrisburg one is too far for me to go for service (although I
plan on going to the Mid-Atlantic QCUSA meeting that is going to be held
there on August 24th), but if someone recommends the one in Lancaster, I'll
try it.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

                      Jim Griffin
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