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V8, now modified

Well this weekend, while in Chicago, I looked into the chip that was for 
sale.  I drove the V8 to the suburbs and installed the chip to see how 
it felt.  It was not too bad so I bought it and a K&N filter(which by 
the way is also for the WMB 750il for those who have not been able to 
find one for their V8).  The drive back to Saint Louis was great.  The 
chip adds power in the midrange (3000-4500 rpm) and at partial throttle.  
This gives more off the line/passing acceleration.  Now I am not talking 
a huge increase in power, but noticeable...with a freer revving feel to 
the engine.  Not too bad so far,  hey and gas mileage was up 1 mpg(every 
little bit helps; how long till the chip pays for itself?  Not!).

Also I had been running the car with the cold air ducting off and it 
sounded great, like it could suck a small animal into the engine; but 
thats was not good to take in hot(warmer) air off of the headers.  I 
looked at the cold air ducting and the is 1/4" thick sound insulation 
lining the ducts and I am thinking that removing that will allow better 
airflow and get that nice intake sound that I like :^)

Next step is a new suspension in the near future, I will keep you posted 
on how it feels/handles.  Also, I may look into supercharging and/or 
porting and polishing the heads (from a VW tuner, its the same head).

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri