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Re: Help! Help! Pentosin bubbling

 Albert Ng <ang@copper.ucs.indiana.edu>
> This morning, I decided to drain out all the old Pentosin from my Audi and 
> put some clean-new fluid in.
> I first pulled out the little return hose from the bomb and then let all the 
> dirty Pentosin drain out. After all the fluid drained, I put the return 
> hose back to the bomb and started filling up the hydraulic fluid reservoir.
> I turn the steering lock to lock couple times after I filled up the reservoir. 

This is not sufficient to bleed the system; the book says five times 
lock to lock with the front wheels off the ground.  I bet you have 
air in there being compressed and spraying out!!
> Now, the strange happening. After I took the car for a spin. I found that 
> there was a lot of Pentosin sprayed out from the reservoir's cap. ?!?! 
> In addition to that, there was produceing a lot of bubbles inside the 
> hydraulic fluid reservoir when I rev up the engine at idle. 
> Could anyone tells me what did I do wrong? I drove the car three times 
> today, and Pentosin was sprayed out and bubbling each time. 
> I use Pentosin 7.1, is this the cause?

Could be-if yours required type 11.  The later fluid has a higher 
boiling point.

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