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MicroFiche Copies

Hi Ian

Saw the following on the list:-

>300 page 1990-1991 CQ parts fiche, looks to be about $35 including
shipping. Interested?

Don't know if it will be any good, but I am getting the UK spec Parts
Fiches for the 80/90Q '87-'92 and CQ '89-'95 (UK Model years) converted to
computer files.  These will probably be 'LARGE' files.  But if they are any
use to anybody let me know.

I am on a Macintosh so I can handle most file formats.  I will experiment
with resolutions and file sizes etc, to see if I can get a readable lores.

Ian G - 88' 90Q

Macintosh Network Guru and Quattro Lover.
My opinions are my own and they do reflect those of my Employer.