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Quattro Spyder??

Hi all.

Yesterday I bought a book entitled "Cars Europe Never Built" (copyright 
1992)and they had a photo and write-up of an orange Quattro Spyder.  
Supposedly, this debuted around 1991 at the Frankfurt auto show.  Anyway, 
I think this car is absolutely gorgeous!!  The book mentioned a price 
around $60,000 and it wasn't exactly futuristic looking, so production 
seemed a possibility.  Anyone have any other details on this car?  I only 
ask because I thought I remembered reading somewhere that it would be 
produced in a limited number ~2500.  I'm also pretty sure there's a photo 
of a green one on the Web somewhere but a quick search came up negative 
this morning.

If anyone has absolutely no clue what I'm talking about, I have access to a 
scanner and can post on the Web.  

BTW, the book also had a photo of an Avus Quattro <drool> but with a $1,000,000 
price tag, I'm sure that one never made it.