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Re: Wild ideas for the OOOOwww-D

>>         I haven't checked appendix A for your 4000CSQ, but the rules
>> state that you may update/backdate parts from any car that is on the same
>> line in the appendix that classifies your car.  For example, in my '94
>> rulebook, in Appendix A, under D-Street Prepared, you will find that "Audi
>> 4000 5-cylinder (all)" is on one line, indicating that you may update
>> backdate any parts from any Audi 4000 that came with a 5-cylinder
>> engine.  They also state that the engine must be swapped as a unit, and
>> the transmission must be swapped as aunit.  This makes the updating rule
>> very interesting.
>I talked to the SCCA and the rule reads as you said, but in CSP it lists 
>quattro (all) meaning my car will run CSP and I can update/backdate with ANY

>Audi quattro.
Well it ain't that easy....  Try it, you WILL be tossed out of Street 
Prepared.  The "Audi Quattro All"  Refer's to the UrQ not the 4000Q Which 
is a different model. The classification lines in the rule books are for 
car Models not types......

>I asked for clarification and it is true!!

For clairfication to stick you have to provide national with 
documentation and photos along with a Request for clarification and they 
will send you a letter with a yes or No (Which is the answer that your 
going to get).


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO