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looking for 87 5000 q info

I got a phone call from my brother last night. He has seen the light
and is looking at an audi 5000 quattro as a 3rd car for the family.
It's an 1987 5000s quattro, non-turbo, with the 2.3l 130hp engine. It is
Marschino red metallic, grey velour, covered 93k miles and is priced
around $4000. Is this in the ball park for these cars?

The interior is supposedly mint , the body is in good shape, no
rust, but has the usual parking lot scars. Blows ice cold air and
shifts fine.

I was trying to think of things that he should have checked on the
car, but am not familiar with this model. I think it has ABS and 4
wheel disk brakes and the exact same drivetrain as it's turbocharged

I told him to see when the timing belt was last done, make sure
the diffs lock, check when the brakes were last done, when/if the
water pump was last changed and see when/if the shocks were

Does this model have the hyd steering/brake system which
leaks the green blood or is it a vacum assist system like the
4000/coupe models?

Anything else he should question or ask about? He is looking
for safe, reliable transportation for his sons to drive and  which he will
drive when they head off to college. He likes the non-turbo idea
for his younger drivers and insurance costs. He is already aware
of the cost of maintaining a german auto as he drives an
older MB 240D. I assume that this car shouldn't be as costly to
maintain as the turbo model and if cared for should last a long time,
like 150k to 200k miles with no real trouble.

I look forward to all the input.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
Boulder, CO
83 ur-q
86 coupe GT