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RE: NE gathering....(Re: quattro-digest V3 #736)

I'm still up for meeting on the 27th, but later in the day. 3-ish on
sounds best for me, Lime Rock would be OK. 

The QCUSA meeting at Lime Rock in August is 99% out for me, due to my
required (by me, wouldn't miss it for the world, the first two were
beyond my wildest imagination! Even q-ing comes in second to the birth
of your child!) attendance in the delivery room about then. Said
delivery room attendance will no doubt lead to some sort of q-wagen
(must appease the Audi Gods, mustn't we, particularly after my last
comment) to replace the leased Passat, mebbe a '91 200qw.

Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe Quattro 20v, Red/Black

Home: New Bedford, MA, USA
Work: Charter Systems, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA

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>>> OK, How slim are the chances we can move the NE Meeting from the 27th? 
>>> Move it up a couple of weeks??? THat is the weekend of the Pro Rally 
>>> (Maine), and the Olympics etc etc... I would like to go, but I think the 
>>> attendance might be low due to these circumstances. 
>>> Anyone?
>>> Bob
>>If you want to move it, we should move it to August and have it at Lime Rock
>>before the event being held by the QCUSA. I'm not a member, but Richard
>>mentioned it to me in a recent email. 
>>Who know what the date is, and do you think the QCUSA will have any
>>How many ye's and ne's?
>This may be a little late...sorry.
>How about doing both dates? I'm for the July 27th date, as I'm sure I
>be there...
>The above was written a little earlier, and as I haven't signed on yet,
>adding this after reading *all* the qlist mail:
>I think that we should do the informal gathering on July 27th, and a
>one at the qcusa event, as our gathering will be overshadowed by their
>Dorab (nivi@aol.com)