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Re: Help, *power everything* NOT

> Ok a few questions re: my 87 5KS:
> 	What can I do about a dirty, falling down headliner (that won't clean 
> out my bank account)- do not suggest brainwashing.
> 	Next is it possible to restitch old, not very pliable leather seats 
> myself? or If not, where can I get covers?
> 	Lastly, My vaccuum doorlocks started making a weird humming soound a 
> couplwe months ago, the they started actiing erratically, they wouldn't 
> unlock or they would unlock then relock *or* they would king of fight me 
> trying to unlpock the doors to the point that I had to hold the key in 
> the unlocked position to I opened the door. *NOW* they just stopped 
> working, I occasionally hear the humming but there is no detectable 
> locking action going on, *sigh* I'm losing my optional accessories one by 
> one in a slow agonizing process.  A/C, sunroof, windows, doorlocks, power 
> seat memory, I need help!!!
Ok, you need help and it is obvious!!
How could you let your Audi lose all of its features???
Now, to get all of this fixed it wil run you a few hundred dollars.
If I help it will cost less. now......
1) which windows do not work?
2) what's wrong with A/C recharge or don't you know?
3) what's wrong with your sunroof??
4) Do your power seat work at all??
5) and have you checked all fuses???
6) What state do you live in??
7) Would you be willing to travel to have your Audi repaired??

I am more than willing to help, I fix my parent's Audi's all the
time and fix my friends car's I get phone calls like, "My car
is making a funny noise, I know you can fix it, will you??"

I would like to see this car completely repaired, it is just
satisfying to say now look it, that car works perfectly.

Talk to you Later,
Rich Andrews