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Re: Wild ideas for the OOOOwww-D

On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Dave Lawson wrote:

> From purely a power standpoint, the V8 was the most powerful quattro offered
> for sale to the public in the US, not sure of the exact numbers, but I seem
> to remember just under and over 300 hp for the 2 versions available. The 
> second
> engine which comes to mind is the 227 hp S4/S6 engine. But given that you 
> can't
> change the turbo or increase the boost pressure with some ECU mods, the V8
> would win as the update engine of choice.

Legality issues aside for now, the V8 may not have the advantage over the 
20V since although boost control changes are not allowed, anything else 
in the intake is allowed, so quite a bit more power can be gotten out of 
the 20V by improving flow with stock boost levels.  There is also that 
short overboost....  You may be able to build some kind of box that fools 
the computer into thinking that you are constantly in a state of having 
just opened the throttle, so that it maintains that overboost indefinitely.

Gray area to be sure, but possible.
> and rear diff. For a torsen model, look over the 80-90 models. I am not sure 
> but

A part from an 80/90 model will not be legal if Eric/My opinion holds true.

> What can you do for brakes and suspension in CSP?

Must have stock rotors, but any pads are allowed.  SS brake lines are 
allowed too.  Springs, shocks, strut mounts, sway bars, bushing material are 
free.  Bushing _type_ is not free.  If you have bushings, you must use 
bushings - you can't change to heims where there are bushings.  There is 
an additional loophole, though.  Any type of lateral suspension location 
is allowed on the rear, and hence, any type of joint (including heims) is 
allowed on that lateral locator.

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
Graydon D. Stuckey
formerly, '83 RX7 in CSP