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'90 Audi V8 for sale in Providence Sunday Journal(RI)

Hi Gang,

	I'm sorry this is late, but in last sunday's newspaper there was a 
person selling an Audi V8. I don't have the paper here at the office now,
but the auto had 147K and the person was asking between >$9-<$10 for it. If
anyone is interested feel free to call me at home after 6:00 EDT. And I'll
look up the person's phone number from the paper. My number is 401-295-2868.
All diclaimers apply.

	Got back from two weeks in Ireland a week ago and still haven't
waded through the 1100 messages that you folks generated, but I'm gonna
at least skim 'em all 'cause there are "gems" out there folks created:-)

					Happy motoring,