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Re: Radio volume control noisey

   > LPS-1 ??? Are you sure? I thought it was strictly a light lubricant (and
   > cleaner, a la WD-40; and in fact a recommended alternate to WD-40)! With
   > -2 and -3 being in essence heavier "grades" on the same theme
   > Certainly, there are various "electronic" cleaners (and lubricants) which
   > can work miracles on dirty/noisy pots/switches/et al.
   > 'jes wondering...

   I'm sure.  I was told of this stuff back in my high school and
   college days when I was very involved in theater stage lighting.
   We had solid state SCR dimmer systems who's control panels were
   banks of slide potentiometers.  All you had to do was screwup the
   low voltage control lines from them to the dimmer packs (like
   short them) and the little slide pots would go pop rather quietly
   and stop working.  Spray them inside with LPS-1 (or whatever the
   appropriate LPS spray is) and they would work rather well.  The
   original range and linearity would be gone but you could get
   through a show.  Perhaps the stuff would disolve the burn marks
   off of the resistive element and wiper so that the wiper would make
   contact again.

Yup, shor'nuff...

Right on the can, says water-displacing, dry film lubricant. Good for
<all sorts of stuff>, switches, relays, communications equipment
("communications equipment" ???), etc., and so forth. No claims for
kidney stones, though . . .

Still not sure I'd use it on a decent stereo volume control (then again,
"It's for a car, who cares?" [yeah yeah yeah I know I know, there are
some "fairly decent" car music systems . . . ] )