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Tips on 90Q20v needed!!

Hi Folks,

 I need a few tips on reconstruction.

1.  I'm looking to install 6.5 inch speakers in the rear of my '90   
     In order to do this, I believe that I will have to temporarily   
remove the
     molded rear deck plastic (yeah the one covered with the fuzzy   
     It appears to be fixed to the rear deck steel with plastic pins (one   

     way?).  Can anyone tell me how to remove this and what's
     more, how to re-install if the plastic pins were to be broken?

2.  I'm missing the lights on my left seat heater switch, defrost
     switch on the center "high console" and would like to know how
      to get at the light bulbs.  Do the switches pry off or is this a

3.  Stupid question.  Believe it or not I'm afraid to start pulling   
    to get under the driver's side dash to check the switch for the   
    What screws need to come off?  It looks like one under each of two   
    caps for starters....but they look like they'd be very tough to screw   
    on.  Please help the stupid.

4. How hard is it to replace guage light behind the speedo and tach..one
    bulb is out.  Should I wait for more to go?

Thanks in advance for the help..the car is new to me but I'm loving   

Paul Royal

90 90Q20v
87 5000KS
67 Camaro SS/RS 350 (A+)
90 Suzuki VX800