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(Whew) They made it...

Well foks, Ann & myself made it from DC to Colorado without much of an
incident.  Both vehicles ('87 5kTQ & '83 F150) ran superbly, only once did we
have a problem.  IN Salina, Kansas, the Ferrari F150 was cruising along
nicely at 75MPH & the motor just died.  Coasting to the side of the road, a
quick perusal of the instrument guages taught me a quick lesson in common
sense.  Once Ann came back with a gallon of Super Unleaded, most into the
tank & a touch in the carb, & we were going again.  Driving up to Fort
Collins on Saturday morning gave us another scare; kept smelling gas at every
red light we stopped at.  Sitting in front of the Lory Student Centre at CSU,
I was messing around in the trunk when I looked at the gas door.  Funny,
there shouldn't be gas spewing out of the door like that...  Seems when Ann
filled up the car last, she only got half of the cap to catch.  In her
defense, it was 1:30 in the morning, after driving for 14 hours straight...
 At least it was an easy fix.

I'd like to thank Bob Meyers & Eric Fletcher for the very warm hospitality
they showed us when we visited their respective cities (Bob, that was a city
right? :-)  Ann learned a new appreciation for the Q-folks of the list; in
neither Beckley nor St. Louis was there an excess of car talk, just a bunch
of gettin' to know another one of my fellow Q-Listers.  Thanks guys!  Also,
thanks to Cello & Lisa Souza and Jeff Cadman for showing up on Sunday, it was
nice to see ya again.  Jeff, the home-brew turned out great!  Cello & Lisa,
my quattro will thank you once it's oil-change time again!  Ernest, my
ex-roomie called me this week & told me you'd left a message on the machine
at the townhouse.  Sorry I missed you, hope you had a good time in DC!

I'm not re-subxxxxxed to the Q-List yet, so don't have any good
discussions/arguements while I'm gone.  :-)  Thanks again everyone!

ALFeiss@aol.com (temporarily...)
'87 5kCS TQ (Boulder, Colorado)
'84 5kS (Boulder, Colorado)
'90 80 (Bethesda Maryland) <Sorry sis, you're on your own now>