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Re: wastegate valve for S4

I just got an E-mail regarding a valve for the S4 that keeps full
boost(overboost?) at less than full throttle. Said to increase
driveability(?) Costs $100. Any suggestions? Is this worth doing, especially
considering I have Ned's IA3 ECU mod. Any downsides to this? 
Also, in this engine, is it worth going from K&N filter to removing airbox
and replacing it with K&N cone ?

     >>I read your note.  I did some testing on my S4 and have CO
     >>readings that show   no lean burn situations.  If you would like to
     >>it, send me an address and I can ship it COD or send a check for $100 
     >>to CLUB SPORT and I'll ship  one out to you.  If it works out  let me
     >>know.  I know it works well with the factory chips.  It really makes
     >>instant boost available .  I will be at Lime Rock on thurs. July 25 at
     >>the NNJR porsche track day.  If you like, e-mail me brefore wednesday
     >>and I can bring one along if you want to meet me there and i will
     >>install it for you.  It's an easy 5 min install.  Let me know.  It
     >>works great on my car.  Thanks for your interest.  Harry.

Jonathan Fenton
'93 S4s IA3
Montpelier, VT