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noisy vol control

i sure don't know all the answers, but in more than 40 years of electronic
experience, i would look for a contact cleaner/lubricant for controls. what
you describe is definitely one of the more common and usual effects of a
dirty control. try radio shack, or look in the yellow pages for a local
electronics supply house. failing that hike over <i of course would ride my
bike> to your local tv guy. he uses gallons every year. usually supplied in
16oz spray bombs with a straw injector. they even mak fittings which slide
over the control shafts, and force just a drop onto the carbon surface and
the wiper. its surprizing how little it takes. of course there are things
like a failed<Shorted> capacitor that could cause this but changing the
control wouldn't fix the problem. also its tooo rare to worry about. JUST
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