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Re: Wild ideas for the OOOOwww-D

> I talked to the SCCA and the rule reads as you said, but in CSP it lists
> Audi quattro (all) meaning my car will run CSP and I can update/backdate
> with ANY Audi quattro.  I asked for clarification and it is true!!

You'd better get this in writing because you *will* lose if/when protested.
There has only been one model of "Quattro" (with a capital Q) sold in this
country and your "4000CS Quattro", to call it by it's full name, ain't it.

Your car is properly classed in DSP not CSP, which is probably just a good
thing since, IMHO, you'll be more competitive there.  Of course, you might
also consider moving to E-Prepared instead so we can duke it out with each
other next year...  ;^)

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