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Re: Wheel weights

Make sure that the wheels are vey clean when the sticky backked weights
are put on and have them(or do it yourself)  Put a large piece of duct
tape over the weight.  I do it with mine and they never fall off.

Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
88' 90Q
Boulder, Colorado 

On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, John Holt wrote:

> I have a 1988 90 Quattro with the original aluminum 4-bolt wheels. These
> are the same wheels as the 5KQ 5-bolt of that period (full circle with 5
> shallow slits around the outer edge with a pop-off cover in the centre with
> an Audi logo). I have had the wheels balanced too many times. The reason is
> that all of the tire installers have advised me that I cannot mount the
> clip-on type weights because there is not enough bead around the rim to
> retain the weight. Their solution is to use the adhesive weights which last
> about a week or two in the mud and snow of rural Ontario, Canada. Without
> weights, a shimmy develops in the front end as would be expected.
> My solution was to use the Audi pressed steel rims. Works great...haven't
> lost a weight in a year but the look of a pressed steel wheel without a
> cover for the bolts is something to be desired. Another Audi owner stopped
> my wife to tell her that the pressed wheels were the ugliest wheels he has
> ever seen on an Audi. I agree.......I want the aluminum wheels back. Any
> ideas on attaching weights more permanently without screwing them to the
> wheel.???? :)